Hizam Al Qahtani Est. was founded in 1991 to meet the needs of different growing industries in Saudi Arabia which led to the formation of HIZAM AL QAHTANI GROUP. There are several independent companies which operate under the umbrella of the HIZAM AL QAHTANI GROUP.

As Saudi Arabia is 15th largest country by area in the world which has vast area full of natural resources. The Group is the active part of local industry which is growing with the highest growth rates countries in the world.

The Group is involved in diversified businesses and is making a great contribution to the growth of different sectors in Saudi Arabia. The major fields of activities are Transport, Crushers, Mining, General Contracting for Mining, Supplies of various types of Raw Materials from abroad, Local Mines, Crushers and local producers.


hsl-missionOUR MISSION

To provide the highest level of service to our customers, in order to build a trustworthy and long lasting relationship.

OUR VISIONhsl-mission

To be known by industry as the most innovative and widely qualified shipping and logistics services provider in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.